A Rough Patch or Two


Asian American history has a rough history. The tension between Asian and American cultures began with the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 which banned the immigration of Chinese laborers for ten years as well as placed restrictions on the Chinese who were already in the country. Once the Exclusion Act expired in 1892, Congress extended it for another ten years with the implementation of the Geary Act. Congress asked all Chinese residents to register and obtain a proof of residence, and without obtaining the proper documentation he or she would be deported. By 1943, Congress repealed all parts of the exclusion act. Our history has become unclear of what we are actually looking for when it comes to a coalition between the Asian America citizen as well as the American citizen.

The Immigration Act of 1965 capped the limit of immigrants to 170,000 from outside the Western Hemisphere with a maximum of 20,00 from any one country. The Immigration Act of 1990 further refined this rule by putting a “flexible” world wide cap on the number of immigrants looking to come to the United States.


As you can see Asian American history has been filled with tension and thus there continues to be a growing number from the Asian American community.

For the only time in American history, an entire ethnic group was singled out, and forbidden to gain entrance on to American soil. Granted it was not directed against the Asian Community as a whole, but to a more specific culture who identified with being Asian. American history has given Asian Americans many reasons to believe that they are not wanted on American soil. Our history makes it sound as though we want nothing to do with diversifying the nation.

Even during World War II — Americans unjustly imprisoned Japanese American citizens because of their association with being Asian.

You would think that as the Asian American population grows the tendency of violence against them would lessen, but that happens not to be the case. The last 20 years has shown that the Asian American community has become the fastest growing target for hate crimes in the United States.


One example of discrimination on the Asian American population was the case of Vincent Chin in 1982. Chin was beaten to death by two White men who accused Chin of being the reason for the economic recession at the time.

The criminal justice system did not hear the case on the charges of second degree murder, instead the judge decided to plea bargain for a reduced sentence to manslaughter (accidental death). The judge decided that the two White men did not need jail time, but instead gave the two of the a $3,700 fine. And where by a lot of Asian American history is clad with prejudice, you can see that some prejudice is still fairly fresh in the minds of White Americans.

The verdict and sentence made by the judge outraged the entire Asian American community, causing them to come together and form several multi-racial coalitions which would demand justice for the murder of Vincent Chin as well as further cases such as these.

The case of Vincent Chin is just one of the many examples of how the Asian American is seen as not being “real” Americans, and cannot even be classified as Asian Americans. Another reason for creating these coalitions was in response to the murders of Asian miners by their White bosses. But the Asian miners were not allowed to testify against their White bosses.

Sure, our history is not the most favorable to Asian American citizens, but our history has made an effort to be better with being tolerant of people from all different races.

Asian American health is one of the more important aspects of and Asian Americans life. In fact Asian American health, more specifically their mental health is an important issue that raises a lot of attention.

Many Asian Americans have to deal with a plethora of stressful issues. Recent immigrants have to learn how to adapt to a new surrounding, they need to learn a new language, look for a job, provide for their family, not to mention missing all they left behind.

This is a lot of stress for the parents of the family, but immigrating to the United States can be very daunting to a young Asian American health. They have to deal with finding a new identity. They must worry about staying true to their identity as well as learning how to mold into their new identity as well.

oung Asian Americans are also constantly faced with the harsh reality of deal with the sad reality of being a person of color in American society. All of these worries to Asian Americans can really take a toll on one’s mental well-being. So many things are changing in your life, that and Asian American health is the fist concern we should have. With all of the constantly changing variables and not enough constants, Asian Americans have a tendency to fell lonely and angry both of which can lead to violence and suicide.

Social scientists and social workers work with Asian Americans to give them the support they need. Asian American health is a concern not just for the individual, but for those around Asian Americans as well.

One of the many reasons why Asian American health is a concern is because more often than not, Asian Americans do not know how to ask for help. They are uncertain of the language or the options that are available to them. Therefore they are constantly keeping their health concerns to themselves without so much of a venue to go to get help.

Also, Asian American health falls by the wayside because if they are diagnosed with a like-threatening illness, they feel as though they were meant to get stricken with the disease and deserve to die. And instead of being encouraged to get help, they just accept the harsh reality of their fate and try to live as normal a life as possible.

Therefore Asian Americans are particularly unfortunate to be plagued with HIV / AIDS. There is a growing number of people who have contacted the disease because not enough of them feel as though they are worthy of the benefit of Asian American health.

Fortunately there are different organizations that are fighting for the lives of Asian Americans when the members of their own community have given up on helping them. Asian American health can be administered, but like with any sickness it is pertinent to give them the support they need.

Another reason why Asian American health is such a concern, is because oftentimes they are in denial of every have contracted an illness. In the eyes of Asian Americans, it is better to be healthy and keep it to yourself than try and get help which is looked down upon. If you were meant to have an illness, then you should know how to help yourself. So in regards to Asian American health, you should know how to deal with it.

Efforts are Being Made to Reduce the Affects of Asian Youth Gangs

Asian youth tends to be the most affected by the wrongdoings of American citizens. The origin of Asian youth gangs are not something new, but have very deep seeded roots in the creation of neighborhoods that tend to attract the greater Asian youth population.
The subject of Asian youth gangs has gained much attention since their initial appearance in the late 1800s up until modern times. Most times the Asian youth has a hard time adapting to a new country and social environment.

This does not limited to the Asian youth who are just arriving to America, but applies to the Asian youth who has been here for a while, and those who were even born here as an American citizen.
Most of this Asian youth feels overwhelmed and even frustrated in trying to adapt to American culture that they turn to the streets and commonality among what they know.

Much of the Asian youth feels alienated from their parents, family and school systems — they feel like they are misunderstood or unappreciated. They may feel a sense of loss, that they cannot obtain the American dream, and so why wouldn’t they turn to the street to commiserate with someone who feels the exact same way.
For Asian youth, the streets are a place of equality. There is no competition to grow into something you cannot become. They are given mutual support and understanding to help them gain equality with their peers.

Asian youth gangs also provide Asian youth with an alternative form of family. He or she feels more accepted on the streets than in their own home.

Many Asian youth gangs start out as a circle or group of fiends that help each other turn to a life of crime so they can make their place in society. Once they find this sense of belonging in these Asian Youth gangs, then it is hard to give up a life of addicting behaviors.
Most of the Asian youth gangs are also part of more formal and organized Asian organized crime groups, who tend to run and manage larger rings of illegal activity.

If these gang members just recently came to America from an Asian country, they are not so much of getting caught by the cops because they probably came from a country who had a police force that was completely corrupt, were ineffective, or were in fact working in conjunction gangs. These Asian gangs very often target their own families and neighborhoods, because these families will very rarely report these gangs in fear that it will bring shame to their family.

Also many times

members of the Asian community are afraid to report these crimes, because they are afraid of deportation or the fear of retaliation.

Also Asian families are also a prime target for such gangs because unlike many Americans, they do not keep their money or valuables in a bank, but rather in their own homes.

In an effort to protect the Asian American population, recently the Department of Crime and Justice has implemented and hired more bilingual police officers. The more the police department is willing to work with the Asian American communities, the more they would be willing to work in conjunction with with police enforcement to prevent the effects of gangs.

How Holistic Therapy Can Help You Beat Anxiety

Holistic therapy is a great alternative way to treat certain disorders which can cause mental and physical discomfort. There are many benefits to receiving holistic therapy. Holistic therapy focuses on the mind, body, and spirit, avoiding traditional medicine and focusing on the patient as a whole. While some of the methods of holistic therapy may seem strange, it certainly is very benefits to the patient. Holistic therapy can treat many different types of discomfort, from physical to mental. Holistic therapy and anxiety therapy can even go hand in hand because there are many holistic therapy treatments which can help relieve the symptoms of anxiety, making anxiety therapy quite useful when holistic therapy methods are used during treatment.

Anxiety is a condition which can greatly effect a persons life, it causes constant worry and nervousness and really puts the suffering patient in a great deal of discomfort. Receiving proper anxiety therapy is very important if you suffer from constant anxiety. Anxiety therapy can help you cope with your anxiety and take control of your life again with out the constant worry and nervousness associated with anxiety. Working with a councilor and receiving anxiety therapy can make a huge positive difference in the way you life your life. Applying holistic therapy and anxiety therapy methods together can produce very positive results as well.

In fact, many holistic therapy methods and focused on anxiety therapy. For instance, removing certain anxiety triggering foods and medications out of your daily diet can greatly help a person suffering from anxiety. When holistic therapy is applied to anxiety therapy, it gives the therapist and the patient the tools needed to uncover the root of the anxiety, and learn how to resolve the symptoms and discomfort based of treating the root of the problem so the patient can learn through anxiety therapy what triggers there anxiety.

Holistic anxiety therapy methods can even include doing some soul searching and mentally taking your self back into the past and trying to figure out if there was a mental or emotional trigger to anxiety. Comparing both of these methods and combining them into anxiety therapy can be very beneficial to the client in the long haul. If holistic anxiety therapy can help the therapist figure out what is making the patient suffer from anxiety, instead of prescribing the client medications to alleviate the anxiety, then the patient and the anxiety therapy councilor can work towards the goal of treating and preventing anxiety and panic attacks from the very root of the source.

So as you know know the benefits of holistic healing combined with the efforts of anxiety therapy, hopefully you now have a better understanding of the benefits of holistic therapy combined with anxiety therapy and the expected long term outcome of success and alleviated discomfort for the patient. These two methods of therapy are very useful in the medical field, separately and together they can provide a very positive out come for the suffering patient dealing with anxiety.

Becoming part of the Asian American Society

Religion and culture have a lot to do with how Asian American Families are able to stay in touch with their Asian roots. But Asian religion is not one dimensional. Asian immigrants arrive to the United States with a variety of different religions including Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity.

Religion and culture play a vital role for Asian American Families in making the transition to American life easier. If they have their religion and culture have long been a focus of many Asian American Families in order to cope with the physical and environmental change.

Asian American Families will use their tradition religion and culture beliefs and alter them to make them more up to date in their new environment.

Religion and culture are both ingrained into Asian families when they are younger. They are taught and preached the fundamental principles of said religion, thus the religion and culture are well ingrained in them.

To ensure an easier transition into America life, these beliefs of religion and culture help them to become more keen on the idea of becoming part of the Asian American community. Asian American families are thus more able to relate to their home culture, but experience the American way of life to create a good balance.

n Asian American Families they hold the belief through their religion that there are no individuals, rather each person is born with a very different nature based upon his parents’ situations upon birth. Therefore, in traditional America we all believe we are born equal, this is not the case for Asian families. Therefore when Asian American Families come to America there is somewhat of a discontinuity in beliefs. Choice rules over American families, and social building blocks are the fundamentals for Asian families. So where does that leave the Asian American Families belief?

So now, the church for Asian American families has become a huge venue for them to continue their current religion and culture. Since there is such a heavy emphasis on how much their culture has to do with their religious beliefs, Asian American families flock to America’s churches.

It is important to the religion and culture of Asian American families to escape persecution from their homeland, and find a better place here in America where they are not targeted based on familial values.

Some Asian cultures such as the Hmong have a harder time adjusting to the American way of life because they are traditionally farmers, so coming to live in the Urban dwellings of America may be a more difficult transition. However if they hold tight to their religion and culture, it will easier for them to adjust to the difficult transition.
Also, if Asian American families find themselves among other Asian American families, there is more of chance of them integrating into society easier. If they associate within each other, there can be an exchange of religion and culture and they can share their experience of adapting their religion and culture to become more accustomed to the Asian American way of life.

Asian Americans and their Involvement in Politics

Even in the early 1800s Asian American started to become involved in politics. Their used their resources to lobby for equal rights and equal access to economic and occupational opportunities.

From the early 1800s to the 1920s, over one thousand lawsuits were filed in state and federal courts by Asian Americans seeking to receive proper legal rights.

During the same period Asian Americans tried to further their political presence. The circulated petitions, conducted letter-writing campaign, published their own newspapers and magazines promoting their political cause.

They also tried to gain political gain by pairing up with non-Asian organizations. All of these cases go to show that Asian Americans are not always quiet and complacent. The Asian American community has a very clear sense of political justice, and they have demonstrated their knowledge for quite some time. And their constant fight for justice has made the American political system realize that they are very aware of the justice system, and they will stop at nothing to get that.

But the political system is not an easy one to figure out, in fact during the 1996 presidential election President Clinton was accused of accepting money from foreigners. The media quickly changed foreigners into Asians, and accused them of trying to influence United States policy to benefit their Asian countries.

Bill Clinton and his campaign were forced to return all the money they obtained. Any donor who was of Asian descent or who was any way connected with any Asian country had their contributions returned. As a result several Asian Americans entered plea bargains after they had been accused of channeling foreign contributions to the Democratic Party.

Bear in mind that it is 100% legal for permanent residents who are not yet citizens to donate money to political campaigns. It is also legal for foreign corporations to donate money so long as they donate money that is donated within the United States. And it most certainly is acceptable for Political parties to accept monetary donations. So then why did the money have to be returned to the Asian American citizens who donated to the Democratic party led by Bill Clinton.

Bring Alternative Medicine Into Your Depression Counseling

Dealing with depression can be a very difficult thing for a person to go through. Depression can leave you feeling sad and down for no reason and can really play a huge role in your life unless you get it taken care of. Luckily, there are many types of depression counseling which can greatly help the suffering patient. Depression counseling can help the patient live a beneficial life filled with happiness if they seek the right type of depression counseling. Another type of depression counseling which seems to be very useful is incorporating alternative medicine into the depression counseling sessions. Alternative medicine can play a important and beneficial role in helping a suffering patient cope with depression.

Alternative medicine is basically the use of therapy in unconventional ways with out the use of prescription drugs. For example, treating a patient in depression counseling who is dealing with a great amount of mental and emotional discomfort due to there condition, and finding ways to treat the suffering patient and alleviate the symptoms of there depression. Alternative medicine can play a huge role in treating patients in depression counseling. Using methods such as acupuncture, and herbal supplements have proven to show that alternative medicine can truly be very successful and beneficial to the patient.

Depression counseling on its own can be very beneficial, but sometimes depending on the patient and the severity of there symptoms, using alternative medicine as a way to treat depression can really benefit the patient. Working closely with an alternative medicine therapist can help you determine in this method of depression counseling is well suited for you or not. People who may be allergic to certain medications, or due to other medications that they are on are not able to take depression medication may find alternative medicine very benefiting if the in severity of there depression qualifies them.

Not all cases of depression can be treated with alternative medicine, so its important to speak with your depression counseling therapist to see which traditional methods or alternative medicine methods your doctor thinks would work best for you. Some patients respond better to traditional medicine as apposed to alternative medicine, and that is perfectly fine. Everybody works and functions differently and one method which may work wonders for one person might not for another. Which is why it is so important to speak with your therapist to ensure that you are receiving the right treatment that works with and for you and your body.

Now that you know and hopefully understand alternative medicine and its benefits when combined with depression counseling, hopefully this will give you an idea of the many benefits of alternative medicine. If you find your self interested in alternative medicine, talking with your health care provider and discussing the options thoroughly about alternative medicine and its benefits and deciding if you are eligible can perhaps help you and make you feel better about your treatment. Understanding depression counseling and alternative medicine is very important if you are considering combining alternative medicine into your depression counseling.

Understanding Asian American Social Issues

American Asian social issues play a big role in helping foreign Asians adjust to life in America. As the Asian culture is very different from life here in America, it can take some time before Asians can fully adjust themselves to the culture here and fully gain an understanding of the Asian American community. Asian culture is very different from American culture, which can help explain part of these Asian social issues. Asians hold there culture very close to them. Where they came from an where they derived is very important, and they hold there heritage very close to them.

The Asian American community is very family oriented. Family is very important with in the Asian American community, although Asian parents tend to be very strict with there children, it is only the way they were taught in there culture and its for the main up bringing of there children. Asian American communities pride themselves on respect and being successful. They hold there respect very high with in the Asian American communities and it is a very important part of these culture and also play a role is Asian social issues.

Another Asian social issue is that the men with in the Asian American communities hold them selves higher then the women. This is upsetting because in America men and women are valued the same. This is something that really needs to be changed with in the Asians American communities because the women in the Asian American communities do not get the same treatment that the men do, and there opportunities are very limited. Among other Asian social issues, there is a website and a foundation called AWARE. AWARE stands for Alliance Working for Asian Rights and Empowerment.

This foundation is concerned and working towards helping to gain Asian rights and empowerment with in these Asian social issues and to help resolve them so that all Asians can be entitled to there empowering rights.

Many other Asian social issues include; understanding immigration, an Asian social issue with Asian American communities affairs. This is a very important topic with in the Asian American communities. Of course, Asian history. This is held very close to Asian Americans because they are such a culturally related group. most Asians pride them selves on there heritage and culture and history plays a big role in that because history is the back bone of any culture.

Many other Asian social issues are the stereotypes that they face. There are many groups with in the Asian American communities which deal with and help cope with this important Asian social issue that Asians face. Many ignorant people put these stereotypes onto Asians and they get stuck with these harsh popularized images which are not accurate and they are not right. It makes for a very interesting topic of discussion as an Asian social issue with in the Asian American communities. There are many other Asian social issues with members of the Asian American communities face, but together we are doing our part to but a stop to these issues.

How do you identify yourself?

Scholars from many different areas of study have categorized ethnic identity along two pieces of framework; primordial and situational. Both give us a depiction of how we frame our analysis of ethnic identity.

The primordial argues that people just have an innate sense of ethnic identity, it is something we are born with, this framework is founded upon your instinctive want to associate with your ethnic identity. This type of ethnic identity is impossible to change. In fact it is because of this primordial perspective that there is still a great deal of ethnocentrism and conflict between differing racial and ethnic groups. There is still a sense of pride that is found innately within a person.

The other is situational, which lends to the socially defined phenomena of ethnic identity. The only downfall of situational perspective is that it is constantly being renegotiated, redefined all on the grounds of situational differences. Each group of people will come encounter with different strain of their very own ethnic identity, and then it is up to them to decipher how they will react to their ethnic identity.

Under the broad umbrella of the situational perspective of ethnic identity, there is something called resurgent ethnic identity — which is the idea that your ethnic identity constantly reemerges with historical events and specific circumstances.

One example clearly defines the idea of ethnic identity resurgence. Many Japanese Americans were imprisoned during World War II, mostly they tried to disaffiliate with their ethnic identity. But as soon as compensation for the mal treatment was requested they all wanted to re-affiliate themselves with their Japanese American ethnic identity.

Same goes for the children of those parents who served time in the Japanese imprisonment camps. Once they heard stories of their parents serving time in a Japanese internment camp, they were all proud of their ethnic identity.

One more type of ethnic identity is just recently making its way in society. Emergent ethnic identity involves the creation of a new ethnic identity based on new groups being formed by one or more ethnically diverse groups. A perfect example: the identity of the “Asian American” is a marriage between two ethnic identities. The term “Asian American” emerged to emphasize the shared experiences and well as the common goal to all be equal.

This is not to say that your ethnic identity has to be transformed to remain part of mainstream society, but it is to say that we can see an ongoing trend ethnic identities growing to encapsulate more than one ethnic identity.

No one wants to be left out of the mix, thus when the opportunity to fight against a common goal presents itself, most people are quick to just on the opportunity. And as they say there is “strength in numbers”, the more people you can get together to unite over a common goal, the better chance you will have at reaching this goal.

This goes for anything, so long as you can identity with a certain ethnic identity the more satisfied you will feel by being part of something bigger than yourself.


How do you identify yourself?

With in the Asian community, Asian women are not treated with the same respect as men are. There career opportunities are not as vast and wide as they are for men. Asian women have to work and struggle to find career opportunities to meet there success goals. many Asian women work very hard to beat these obstacles which come in the way of there path towards career opportunities and success. As of lately, these efforts that the Asian women have made to over come and find success and job opportunities has really made an impact with in the Asian communities. You will see more Asian women working and finding jobs, and receiving the career opportunities which they deserve.

Many Asian women have found promising career opportunities with in the media. Margarete Cho, who has become a world known comedian, is of Asian decent, and has made many statement and movements towards gay rights with in her comedy routines. She is a great example of an Asian women finding a wonderful career opportunity and publicly making changes and taking a stand for the things she believes in, while still holding on to her culture as a strong Asian women.

For a very long time, Asian women have been working in the businesses of which there husbands and families have provided them with. Many Asian women were not able to obtain further schooling and education, therefor making there career opportunities very limited. As of lately, many Asian women have been pursuing career opportunities, and pursuing schooling and education. Asian women, as well as men are very academically responsible. There are very intelligent, in fact, some of the leading car industries in the world are engineered by Asian countries. Many Asian women are finding career opportunities in these fields. Asian women are striving to be a part of these successful established businesses and the career opportunities for them to do so are finally opening up.

Asian women have more confidence in themselves now that there career opportunities have opened up and they are now able to hold successful careers with in there communities. This is doing great things for the Asian women and there self confidence. now that career opportunities are available to them there ability to find success with in them selves, and be independent business and career women. This is making Asian women more independent which is good for them after years of being stuck working for family businesses they are now able to free themselves and get an education, to school, get a career, make themselves and really truly rely on themselves for Independence and support. This truly is revolutionary time for Asian women to be able to do this wonderful things for themselves.

Many Asian women are finding success as lawyers, and doctors, and doing things that 20 years ago were never possible for them. Some have accomplished fame and many of them are putting there academic skills to success and really making a life of success for themselves. This is a very strong women’s movement and one that is very uplifting and powerful for Asian women.